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Welcome all our guests in Jordan and Wadi Rum specifically

If you want to book a tour with us or not, we insure all your travels in Jordan. We have cars and drivers for a long time and know all the roads in Jordan.

Just book your trip here with the taxi and all confirmed bookings

We welcome you from anywhere in Jordan if you want a private driver with you to go with you everywhere in Jordan and also if you want to help you in booking your hotel we are ready to serve you
The Israeli-Jordanian border is open at 8 am, 8 pm

    What is your arrival time ?  

    From the Jordanian border (Aqaba) to Wadi Rum (Rum village) Price 40 dinars for taxi.From Wadi Rum to the Israeli border, 35 dinars to the taxi.From Wadi Rum to Petra 40 dinars to the taxi.From Petra to Wadi Rum (Rum village) 40 dinars to the taxi.From Petra to the Israeli Jordanian border (Aqaba) 50 dinars.From Petra to Madaba Aqaba 45 dinars.From Aqaba to Wadi Wadi Rum and Aqba 25 JDFrom Aqaba to Amman 100 dinars to the taxi.From Amman to Aqaba 100 dinars.From the airport to Wadi Rum 120 dinars from Wadi Rum to the airport 110 110From Wadi Rum to the sea house is 100 dinars for taxi.From the Dead Sea to Wadi Rum.

    If you want to book all areas only you can write this in the booking and we will contact you and send you discount rates :

    ** A taxi driver speaks the English language and is well known in Jordan

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