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Special program with Bedouin guide and special program in the desert and very suitable for all ages Wadi Rum is characterized as one of the charming areas of magic. In Rum Village, you and your guide will go to the desert for a fascinating and interesting adventure. This tour includes hiking, jogging, mountaineering and drinking tea in the desert on fire across the Bedouin road. Visit tourist attractions such as Lawrence Spring, dunes to jog and play on the red sand and eccentric canyon where there are old carvings and also go to the Big Rock Tower, visit Bedouin homes, drink Bedouin coffee, natural Bedouin life and drink spring water. You from 4 hours can accommodate only 6 people and you can sit in the back for easy photography and enjoy the wonderful spectacle

If you are only one person the price will be 60 dinars

If the number is 2 persons to 4 people the price per person is 24 dinars.
If the number is 4 to 6 people the price is 17 dinars

A very private tour in a traditional Bedouin style.

What this tour includes

Includes mineral water, Bedouin tea and coffee
Also include transportation from the village and then return

If you are only two people you can arrive in the mornings and you will find other people sharing the tour with them and you can get to my private reception desk.

Free Wi-Fi in the office only
The tour also starts from 9 am to 1 pm if you only want a tour without a stay at the camp

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