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Dear guest we are in Wadi Rum, we have a very wonderful area that is worth visiting because it allows the visitor to experience the isolation of life in the city where it gives you comfort and feel that you live nomadic life by nature
We, locals, are interested in providing services to guests in the desert because we really want the guest to enjoy his vacation and help him choose the right programs to help him enjoy the desert and the Bedouin lifestyle.

In this option, more than one activity was collected, which is sleeping under the stars in the camp or in the desert in the cave, and with a Bedouin guide, the duration starts from night to night in the desert with a car accompanying the visitor in the desert containing food, drink and luggage

In the evening you can sit around the fire and discuss the Bedouin rites and old tales

Where you can do in this long hiking tour in the Sahara desert, if you want to, you can also visit all tourist attractions in Wadi Rum during this trip.
When you arrive at the village, your journey will begin

Price for this trip
If only one person the price would be 120 dinars for a full day with sleeping under the stars in the cave

If the number of persons is 2, the price will be 60 dinars per person
If the number of persons is 3, the price will be 40 dinars per person
If the number of people is 4, the price is 30 dinars
If the number is more, please contact us via e-mail

This tour is very safe and enjoyable as well
As for the courses of water, it is not found in the desert, but we provide all the necessities such as toilet paper and water

This tour includes mineral water throughout the stay
Dinner and breakfast are also complete with a day tour in the desert, walking and riding in the car

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