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Guest and guest visit this tour is characterized by a special nature where you can arrive before the third hour and a half to start this tour where we offer the duty of hospitality to you and after that going to start the tour with the Bedouin guide to visit the spring of Lawrence and the small rock tower and dunes Ramla and then go to work coffee on the fire and watch the sunset And return to the village if you do not want to stay in the camp

Prices if you just want a safari tour without staying in the camp
The duration of this tour is two hours

If you are one or more people the price will be only 40 JD for the car

If you want an overnight stay, the price will be 55 dinars per person
If you are two people the price will be 38 KD
If you are three people, the price will be 34 dinars
If you are four people, the price will be 29 dinars
This tour includes spending the night in the camp with dinner, breakfast and a comprehensive transport from the village to the camp

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